Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Windows 8 or Windows Hate


Good ole Microsoft is coming out with another operating system.   The official launch of Windows 8 is October 26th, 2012.  I know that some of you must think that your next PC will need to have Windows 8 and that it must be good since Microsoft knows that they need to improve upon Windows 7.   This is not the case for Microsoft.

One of the main complaints concerning Microsoft is that they do not jump out ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation.  Microsoft’s business approach is to copy someone else’s technology and improve upon it or just purchase many competing companies if they are allowed to do so.  Well for this reason and others, Microsoft is trying get ahead of the competition by making their desktop operating system more like a phone operating system.   The only problem is that people use their phones and desktop computer for different reasons, therefore they are not to be treated the same.


A personal computer is an extension of what matters to a person.  People use their computers for various reasons.  Here are some of them…

  1. Business
  2. Media Editing
  3. Website building
  4. Research
  5. Communications
  6. Recording thoughts and ideas
  7. Watching Videos
  8. Enjoying Music
  9. Genealogy
  10. Video Games

Cell Phones:

A phone is an extension of your computer.  It is the tail and the desktop is the dog.  Here are some of the uses, advantages and disadvantages of our cell phones


  1. Sending/Receiving calls
  2. Checking email
  3. Staying connected to our friends and associates
  4. Mobility
  5. No keyboard and mouse needed
  6. Small screens
  7. GPS

A cell phone is our portable mobile device that allows us to connect us w/ our critical information.

Back to the Desktop:

People love the fact that this great PC is so versatile.  People love the endless possibilities that their desktop computers can perform.  They love the fact that they can maneuver around on their computer with ease.  They love that they can perform many of the actions listed above all in one day with little thought on how to switch between each action.  They love their mouse and keyboard.  They know how to use the PC with simplicity.  They have their favorite programs and websites all easily accessed.  The last thing people want is for those things to change.  They expect companies that they have been loyal to recognize that simple fact.  That is why companies need to be careful when offering new things to their clients.  They do not want create something that is extremely different from the last version or they will alienate their current clients.

Another huge issue is control.  With Windows 8 many of the means of controlling the computer has been taken away or hidden.  This is telling it’s users that “We Know Best”.  That makes many users upset that the decisions are made for them.  Where is the freedom in that?

Well Microsoft did exactly that.  They have made it very difficult to find and use the various options that Windows has offered in the past, things that people have grown accustomed to. Here are some of the complaints from those who have tried Windows 8 including…

  • No Start Button
  • The user interface is cumbersome and foreign
  • Difficult finding the Shutdown option
  • Finding their favorite applications
  • Maneuvering or using Windows 8
  • Difficult to customize
  • Optimized for a touch screens (Pricey)


In short this desktop operating system is extremely different and difficult to use.  It takes more clicks to do some of the basic maneuvers that are taken for granted on the older versions of Windows.  You may want to ask what the heck they were thinking in Redmond when they created Windows 8.

Well this time they believe that the leading technology device is the cell phone so they are going to create a desktop operating system that will act and look like a smart phone operating system.

If you find that you have purchased a PC with Windows 8 and are super frustrated with it, please give us a call so that we can move you into operating system that will work with your needs and style.

Remember we Care about your data, money, and time…

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