Business networking is essential in today’s business climate.  Sharing data across company networks is so beneficial, but also tricky.  For example, if you had accounting information on a server, you would not want all of your employees accessing that information.  That information would need to be only accessed by certain employees.  You also would not like to have your competitor being able to hack into your business network and steal your secret sauce.   That is why firewalls are needed to be in place.  You also do not want your employees goofing off on social network sites like Facebook, when they should be working.  That is where a content filter comes in. These are just some of the benefits of business networking.  Here is a list of the benefits of business, office networking or computer networking:

  • Sharing Printers
  • Sharing Folders and Documents
  • Content Filtering (Website Blocking)
  • Sharing Fax Services
  • Sharing Company Calendar
  • Sharing Databases
  • Firewall Protection

As you can see there are many reasons why a company network can be beneficial to an organization.

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