Content filtering is the ability to control what websites you allow or disallow on your home or business network.  This is very important to get a handle on for both home and business.  With pornography being the strongest addiction to break free from, you want to do your best to keep this evil addiction away from your family and co-workers.  This evil has to be attacked both temporarily and spiritually.  Therefore content filtering or blocking certain websites is critical.

Here are some the categories you can block with content filtering:

  • Pornography
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Abortion
  • Swim Suit Apparel
  • Pirating
  • Gossip
  • Political
  • News
  • Online Poker
  • Music & File Sharing Programs
  • Social Media Sites (myspace, Facebook)
  • YouTube
  • Dating Sites
  • eBay or KSL Classifieds
  • Virtual World Gaming Sites (Second Life)

And a whole lot more.

Keep in mind that some of these types of websites allow the users to get viruses and spyware that could affect your computer.   There is also the danger of those who become addicted to some of these sites and begin to neglect their personal lives and responsibility.  This can be controlled with content filtering.

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