When Microsoft put Vista out in the market, they pretty much shot themselves in the foot.  After XP it took them so many years to finally come out with a new version of Windows operating system.  The only problem was that Vista was a horrible mess.  It was such a disappointment that many people looked for alternative solutions.  Microsoft promised to fix Vista by coming out with another operating system.   The only problem was that it took so long.  The other problem was that Microsoft was getting hit by so many viruses on all of their operating systems that many people finally could not take it anymore and jumped shipped to the Mac.  Why the Mac?  The Mac was faster than Windows.  It did not have many viruses.  It was simpler to setup.  It also integrated with iPhones and iPods.  These two devices were and are very popular with consumers.  They are much pricier than PCs, but with the lack of malware and downtime fixing them, it seems worth it.  Yes there is a learning curve to using one.  Yes not all software works on it, but for the most part, you could find other software that could do the job.

On the downside to a Mac is the price of the systems and what would happen when they break?  One of the big hang-ups is the cost of the parts if you needed to replace them on a Mac.  Yes Macs do break.  Hardware is their Achilles heel.  The price difference between a PC and a Mac can be significant.

We at CareWare Computer Repair understand these issues.  We do not care if you are using a Mac or a PC.  We want to help you get the most out of your Mac.  We have been working on Mac’s for over 10 years.  If you’re Mac needs to be fixed please give us a call.  We want to help you get your Mac running quickly.   We offer free onsite estimates.

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