Microsoft Windows operating systems (98, XP, Vista & 7) have by far the largest desktop market share.  They are the most popular due to the fact that Bill Gates worked closely with major software and hardware developers to see that he would have as much of the market share as possible.   We are talking about over 90% market share.  Apple was the other major competitor but their business model was inclusive when it came to hardware.  This allowed them the only company to develop hardware for their operating system.  There was no competition to keep the hardware prices inexpensive.  This was the saving grace for Microsoft.  Microsoft was able to capitalize on this and penetrate the market quickly by working with other companies that wanted to get into the consumer PC market.

For software developers the operating system that Microsoft created was very easy to program for.  The only problem was that it was also easy for hackers to create viruses and spyware; thus creating an easy environment for malware to be made. The hackers loved to attack Microsoft because it had such a large effect on the PC population.   The war with viruses was met by other companies such as Norton and McAfee and others to create security products such as antivirus software.  Then the hackers and the PC security companies went to war.  This war has been ranging since the mid 90s.  The hackers would gain the upper hand for a few weeks until the security companies would find a solution to counteract the virus.   This would happen every year at first, then every month, now it is happening on a daily basis.  Now you find viruses on websites like .  Now many users are using two or even more security solutions just to keep the malware off their system.  The problem with adding more and more security software solutions is that the computer is becoming increasingly slower and slower.  The other problem is not knowing which security software to trust to keep your computer safe but not slow.

Well before you toss your PC out the window, give us a call.  We know what security software to run to keep or minimize the malware on your system; all the while not slowing down your system to a snail’s pace.    We also can tune-up your Microsoft Windows PC so that you can get the most of your Windows operating system.  The other thing we can do is talk to you about harnessing the power of your computer hardware by using a different operating system that is not prone to malware.  The name of this operating system is Linux.   We can add this operating system alongside your current Windows operating system so that you can surf the web like a drunken sailor and not worry about any malware.  Please see our service page called Linux Repair to learn more.  Either way, we are here to help to repair or fix your Microsoft Windows desktop.

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We also fix Windows server operating systems as well.  Please click on this link to learn more.